Hourglass Initiatives

Each Initiative has been carefully designed and developed to address four main issues in Lancaster County: Lancaster City Vitality, Public Education, Growth and Land Use, and Environmental Stewardship. From our resource database to our guest speakers, we seek to inform and equip community members and leaders on how they can make a lasting, positive difference in any or all of these areas.

Championing our future.

Lancaster City Vitality

Lancaster is growing, and when managed effectively, this is a very positive thing. It requires insightful planning to protect our farmland and historic places. By enabling informed decisions we can have growth and prosperity without sacrificing our unique character and enviable Quality of Life. We are actively involved, working with City officials, organizations, and engaged individuals to solve problems and create new initiatives that will support current revitalization efforts and build momentum.

Hourglass also manages a website to promote tourism in downtown Lancaster. The site captures the unique Lancaster experience by focusing on the downtown’s rich history and all the exciting things to see and do—the art galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Check it out at visithistoriclancaster.com.

"A vibrant and prosperous Lancaster City is integral to the vitality of Lancaster County."

Jennifer Mundy

Hourglass Administrator and Lancaster City Resident

Equipping the next generation.

Public Education Innovation

We provide educators, elected officials, and interested citizens through the engagement of national speakers and local educational leaders, current information and ideas on a variety of issues affecting the quality and sustainability of education in Lancaster, including pension and mandate reform, school consolidation, fair funding, and best practices that are effective elsewhere.

Improving the quality of education has a profound impact on college and technical school admissions, job readiness, and economic growth. We champion innovative and technology-driven initiatives like flipped classrooms, open campuses, and early childhood education.

"With sound fundamentals, adoption of innovative practices, personal encouragement, and support of students and educators, we must ensure that the intellectual capital of our county is sustained at the highest level, furthering our quality of life."

Sidney P. Marland, III

Hourglass Founding Board Member

Protecting our land.

Growth and Land Use

One of our most valuable resources in Lancaster County is our land. As our County continues to grow, we must do so responsibly. We support Lancaster County’s Comprehensive Plan. This plan includes preserving farmland, adherence to urban growth boundaries, high-density housing, increased investment in urban centers, upper-floor redevelopment and other smart growth initiatives.

"We at Hourglass have made it a primary goal to support the good planning efforts of this entire community, and the implementation thereof, to insure that our specialness is not lost."

Carol Simpson

Hourglass and Coalition for Smart Growth Board Member

Keeping our community clean.

Environmental Stewardship

Our natural environments are among the County’s most important assets. We work with government, businesses, and organizations to find innovative solutions to minimize the impact of growth on the environment, including water quality, stormwater management, and Chesapeake Bay cleanup.

"The Hourglass has, since its inception, been focused on preserving and improving the natural environment of Lancaster County. We have focused on air quality, water quality, preservation of natural environments, and the establishment of growth boundaries. By working with local governments and interested citizens, the Hourglass seeks to stimulate discussion and educate leaders, and encourage innovative decision making to address challenges facing Lancaster County's very unique environment."

William K. Ebel, Jr.

Hourglass Board Member

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