Hourglass provides local, reliable information on Lancaster County issues to ensure informed decisions and make Lancaster a better place to live and work.

Our Influence

Observation and Research

We pay attention to trends happening in our community, throughout the state, and beyond that might affect Lancaster’s future. This information is gathered through research, observation, and conversation with our partners.

Consulting Leaders and Informing the Public

Through our forums and publications, we inform the public in key Quality of Life areas. We also work with leaders in Lancaster County to empower them to make informed decisions.

Encourage Collaboration and Innovative Thinking

Complex legacy issues require coalitions of people and organizations to tackle them. We connect stakeholders and decision makers and create the space for innovative problem solving to take place.

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As our County grows, we are committed to protecting what makes Lancaster special: its farms, rich culture, and historic cities, towns, and boroughs.


Lancaster County is growing. We are focused on making sure that growth continues in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way.

"Hourglass is one of the most successful complex adaptive coalitions I’ve seen in my travels. In these dark days of our national politics, these emerging coalitions are a real source of optimism for me."

Thomas Friedman

NYTimes Columnist

"The Hourglass provided invaluable research & support in addressing the City of Lancaster’s long term financial sustainability. They added bandwidth & expertise that jump-started a series of conversations with elected leaders in Harrisburg, whose assistance is imperative to ensure Lancaster City continues to flourish."

Danene Sorace

Mayor of Lancaster City

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