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Community Character

Community Character

Sustainable Tourism -

Bringing more visitors to Lancaster County and Lancaster City makes good sense.  Tourism not only brings dollars, it attracts jobs, investments, and residents.  We are distributing downtown Lancaster visitor brochures we created, and are enriching our visitor website that presents the history, arts, architecture, restaurants, and shops in Lancaster.

Protecting Our Unique Character -

Lancaster County is growing, and that can be good when it is managed effectively.  It requires insightful planning to protect our farmland and historic places.  By enabling informed decisions we can have growth and prosperity without sacrificing our unique character and enviable quality of life.

Lancaster City Revitalization

Hourglass Quality of Life Surveys show that people throughout Lancaster County care about the vitality of downtown Lancaster. We are actively involved, working with city officials, organizations, and engaged individuals to solve problems and create new initiatives that will support current revitalization efforts and build momentum. We want to play an important role in assisting downtown Lancaster to become an even better place to live, work and visit. And, we want to get the word out.


The City of Lancaster is a third class city located in South Central Pennsylvania and was founded in 1730.  The city itself is home to over 59,000 residents, making it the eighth largest city in the commonwealth. Lancaster’s government is comprised of a mayor who works in conjunction with a city council.

Municipal Funding

The Hourglass makes itself available to state and local officials to help them find innovative solutions that address the tough economic challenges facing municipalities.